Introducing E-Patterns!



If you're not familiar with e-patterns, let me tell you a little about how they work...You will place your order for the e-pattern, then I will send it to you as an attachment via e-mail instead of "snail" mail.  Patterns are usually sent within 24 hours unless I am out of town. No waiting on the pattern to arrive in your mailbox....start stitchin tonight!  You will then be able to open up and print your e-Pattern.  All of my
E-Patterns are exactly like my "paper" version of the pattern.  You will receive a color photo, FULL instructions, supply list, templates, etc....We include the pattern cover in the e-Pattern, so you can print your pattern and store it just as you would your paper patterns. 

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Please Note:  ALL patterns are copyrighted by Cedarberry Stitches
All rights reserved. You may use my patterns for personal use, to sell finished items at craft shows, on auction sites and your website. I respectfully ask that you give me credit as the designer.  Copying/emailing the pattern to anyone else is NOT allowed and will be monitored. 


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